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Date Description
24/04/2014 Mogherini:«Una nuova armonia fra uomo e natura» (La Stampa) (in translation)
23/04/2014 Brussels: Benefit at the Italian embassy
23/04/2014 Mogherini meets Gherman, concern for Ukraine. Must ensure regional stability
23/04/2014 EU: Mogherini-Désir meeting at Foreign Ministry
23/04/2014 Spain - Italy on the calendar of the 'Semana de musicareligiosa'
23/04/2014 Diplomazia Economica Italiana: Lastest World News, compiled in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore/Radiocor
23/04/2014 Brazil - System Italy on the Rio Grande do Sul
23/04/2014 Italy-China - Luoyang "Science City" nears completion
22/04/2014 Expo 2015 - Lithuania between tradition and innovation
22/04/2014 Environment – Cooperation and the Red Sea
22/04/2014 Italy-Switzerland - Conference in Lugano on "Italian distress"
22/04/2014 Science - Rizzolatti awaited in Copenaghen to receive the Brain Prize
22/04/2014 Schools abroad - Winners of Italian Olympics from Sofia and Lagos
22/04/2014 Brussels - "Scraps", all eyes on the photos of Francesco Cabras
22/04/2014 Cooperation - Guatemala, Italy backs coffee growers
19/04/2014 Farnesina politica, una Nato aggressiva non serve a nulla con Putin (in translation)
18/04/2014 Diplomazia “On air” - Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
18/04/2014 DEI/Sole 24Ore - Bolivia: Italian exports rising as local economy grows
18/04/2014 Expo 2015 - Beirut to focus on hospitality
18/04/2014 Italy-Argentina - Modernisation plan for the Teatro Coliseo

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