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Date Description
30/10/2014 DEI/Sole 24 Ore/Ghana: Trade and Investment Forum (in translation)
30/10/2014 M.O.: Mogherini, Israele fermi nuovi insediamenti Gerusalemme Est (in translation)
30/10/2014 Accreditation note: Recall - Ghana Trade and Investment Forum (Farnesina, 31 October 2014)
30/10/2014 Slovakia - “Etruschi di Perugia” exhibition opens in Bratislava
30/10/2014 Sydney - Jazz by Enrico Rava arrives on Australian shores
30/10/2014 Toronto - The genius of Michelangelo on display
30/10/2014 Paraguay - Emilio Salgari stars in Italian Language Week
29/10/2014 Ukraine: Mogherini speaks to Poroshenko – reforms must be implemented and Minsk agreements respected
29/10/2014 Dei/Sole 24 Ore - Australia: New railway line planned for Melbourne area
29/10/2014 Social Impact Investment Task Force meets at the Farnesina
29/10/2014 Middle East: Joint Israeli-Italian Commission selects projects - Industrial, scientific and technological cooperation
29/10/2014 Cameroon - Music and the Made in Italy brand for "Italian Language Week"
29/10/2014 Brazil - A book tells the story of a “Neapolitan empress in the tropics”
29/10/2014 “Ferite a morte” – a performance for Italian Language Week
29/10/2014 Angola - “A modern country in the heart of Africa” recounted by Giuseppe Mistretta
29/10/2014 Syria: refugees. Italy is playing its part - Berlin Conference decides on more funds for reception and aid
28/10/2014 Italy-Jordan: Mogherini and Judeh sign memorandum of understanding regarding cooperation on EU issues
28/10/2014 Dei/Sole 24 Ore - Turkey: Bridge over the Dardanelles will revitalise development for Çanakkale and Balıkesir
28/10/2014 Accreditation note: Ghana Trade and Investment Forum (Farnesina, 31 October 2014)
27/10/2014 Tunisia: elections proof that dream of Arab spring can come true, says Mogherini

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