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Absentee Voting

What are the requirements for being able to vote from abroad?
Only Italian citizens residing abroad and registered in AIRE can exercise the right to vote from abroad (absentee vote) as long as they are registered to vote and are:

  • 18 years old for the election of the members of the Chamber of Deputies and in referen¬dums;
  • 25 years old for the election of the members of the Senate of the Republic.

In what sort of elections is the absentee vote valid?

  • election of members of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate of the Republic;
  • referendums regarding the repeal of laws and approval of constitutional legislation.

It is not possible to vote for the election of regional, provincial or municipal members of government.

My voter registration was cancelled since I was not reachable, can I re-register?
Citizens cancelled as a result of not being reachable are permitted to re-register and exercise their right to vote if they apply to the consular office no less than 11 days prior to the day of voting.

How does voting take place and to what jurisdiction must I refer?
Italian citizens residing abroad vote by correspondence and their votes are counted in the Foreign Jurisdiction. The right to vote in Italy is, in any case, recognised in the national jurisdiction in which voters are registered in the case that you choose to vote in Italy.

How do I vote in Italy?
You must come personally to the consular office no less than 10 days prior to the indicated voting date and, as long as you are registered in AIRE and registered to vote, declare that you want to opt for voting in Italy.

last update: 28/07/2011

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