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Human Rights

The defence of human rights, in addition to reflecting the profound principles that underpin our own political and social systems, are among the main prerequisites for ensuring justice, peace and stability at the international level. That is why Italy continues in its convinced efforts to promote and protect human rights around the world, understood not so much as the sum of all the issues associated with humanitarian and political crises, but as a structural and systematic aspect of foreign policy.

An open-dialogue approach

Italy’s international commitment is based on an open dialogue approach respectful of diversity but founded on the principle of universal human rights. It goes hand-in-hand with support for the social and economic development of the least advantaged nations through cooperation programmes.

Shared standards and mechanisms to monitor compliance

Italy makes use of a series of bilateral and multilateral instruments, both universal and regional. Their general aim is to strengthen shared standards in the field of human rights and design mechanisms by which to monitor compliance with and the  application of those standards. This also involves Italy’s civil society and, in particular, NGOs and citizens’ associations active in this field.

last update: 30/04/2013

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