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Governo Italiano

European Policy


European Policy
Alfano: “Italy and Romania have a unique relationship”“Italians and Romanians are united by a historical friendship nurtured by numerous similarities such as the strong resemblance between our languages that have always helped forge strong political, cultural and...
Minister Alfano on mission to Bucharest “We have a decade-long strategic partnership with Rumania, also consolidated by the presence of a very numerous Rumanian community in Italy. Italy has been for years among Rumania’s major trade partners, with...
Telephone conversation between Alfano and his Austrian counterpart: repect the Gruber-De Gasperi agreement“I would like to congratulate you on your appointment as Foreign Minister of the Republic of Austria, which I am certain  will allow us to further develop the excellent and historical relations between our...
Il ministro Alfano incontra il suo omologo greco Nikos KotziasIl ministro Alfano incontra il suo omologo greco Nikos Kotzias   “L’intensificazione dei contatti bilaterali e il Vertice di Corfù del 14 settembre sono un segno tangibile della volontà di entrambi i Paesi di dare nuovo...
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The role of Italy in the European Union from the historical and political viewpoint.
Departing from the long road leading from the Treaty of Rome to the European Convention, passing though the opening to new members and arriving at common policies and the Intergovernmental Conference, everything a European citizen needs to know is contained in a concise handbook.
Here then are the country outlines of Member Countries and Candidate Countries and an ample section dedicated to common policies. Finally, there are several information sheets on the most pressing European issues.


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