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07/28/2015Cartoline dall’altra Italia: From Salerno to Dundee – the biologist fighting tumours
07/25/2015Farnesina advisories on safe traveling
07/24/2015An increasingly integrated approach in responding to emergencies due to natural disaster and protecting Italian nationals in emergency situations abroad
07/21/2015Italians in the World - ‘Postcard from another Italy’
07/15/2015Post cards from the other Italy: the assistant manager who dreams of New Zealand
07/08/2015Safe Travelling: Crisis Unit – Spallanzani Collaboration Accord
07/07/2015Postcard from the other Italy: An Ascolano teaches English in Istanbul
07/02/2015Slovenia and Croatia: Agreement on indigenous Italian minority signed for 2015
07/01/2015“Cartoline dall’altra Italia”: a journey through the new emigration to discover young Italians who have decided to experience life abroad
06/03/2015Bus accident in Pocono region
06/01/2015Under-Secretary Giro meets fellow Italians in Canada for “Republic Day”
05/30/20152 June: Under-Secretary Giro in Canada
05/21/2015Italy-Ukraine: Under-Secretary Della Vedova in Kiev
05/13/2015Argentina, inaugurato a La Plata il 'Centro de Estudios Italianos'
05/04/2015Nepal earthquake: Crisis Unit identifies the last Italians reported missing and not yet traced
05/04/2015Accreditation Notice: - A (Bio)-Diverse World (Milan, 6 May 2015)
05/04/2015Elezioni Comites - L'esito delle votazioni
05/01/2015Space- “Astrosamantha" comes to the schools of South Africa
05/01/2015Nepal earthquake: Italians’ arrival at Pratica di Mare airport
04/29/2015Nepal earthquake: Crisis Unit continues efforts to repatriate Italians


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