Italian government Scholarships for foreign and IRE students


Conferenza dei donatori sulla crisi in Siria LItalia annuncia 18 milioni di nuovi aiuti umanitari alla popolazioneConferenza dei donatori sulla crisi in Siria. L'Italia annuncia 18 milioni di nuovi aiuti umanitari alla popolazioneSi è tenuta ieri a Kuwait City la III Conferenza Internazionale dei donatori per la crisi umanitaria in Siria, convocata dalle Nazioni Unite per finanziare le attività di...
Uruguay  Il cinema italiano passa per MontevideoUruguay - Il cinema italiano passa per MontevideoAl via dal 1 al 12 aprile a Montevideo il Festival cinematografico internazionale dell'Uruguay. All'evento, giunto alla sua 33esima edizione, partecipa anche l'Italia con...
ItaliaUsa  Mutuo riconoscimento su aeronavigabilitaItalia-Usa - Mutuo riconoscimento su aeronavigabilita'Il generale ispettore capo Francesco Langella dell'Aeronautica militare italiana, a capo della direzione Armamenti aeronautici e per l'aeronavigabilita' (Daaa), in qualita'...
ItalySerbia EU should open negotiating chapters within the year We cannot keep such a significant process at a standstillItaly–Serbia: EU should open negotiating chapters within the year. “We cannot keep such a significant process at a standstill”“Italy is utterly convinced that Serbia’s European integration must make progress, with the opening of negotiating chapters by the end of 2015”. This was Minister Paolo...

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In this section you can find information about opportunities for study and work available in Italy for foreign citizens and Italians living abroad


Applications for the Academic Year 2015/2016

Public announcement for Academic Year 2015/2016.

General Information

  •          Italian language proficiency is a determining factor in being accepted for study in Italy and for being awarded a bursary. A B2 level “Certificate of Italian as a foreign language” must be submitted. Many Italian Cultural Institutes around the world offer Italian language courses and have language proficiency testing facilities. Check the Network of Italian Cultural Institutes for more information.
  •          The scholarships are offered for the following type of courses: Undergraduate University courses (renewals only); Postgraduate University courses; Master’s Degree courses (Levels I or II); Ph.D. Courses; Specialisation Schools; Research under academic supervision; Courses of Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance (AFAM); Advanced Courses on Italian language and culture Courses for Teachers of Italian as second language.
  •          Candidates may apply for a renewal to continue or complete a multi-year course. A renewal can be granted only if the applicant has passed the exams required in the previous year. No scholarship renewals are offered for students exceeding the legal duration of the course of study.
  •          Before submitting their applications prospective applicants to Italian bursaries must contact the university or institution in Italy where they intend to study. They are advised to be as fully informed as possible about the institution and course of study of their choice.
  •          For more information about studying in Italy check the MIUR website:
  •          Countries, whose students may apply to Italian bursaries, appear on the Recipient Country list which can be downloaded from this web page.
  •          Check on the side bar the list of the “Special projects”, to which you can apply through specific announcements.
  •          Applicants may obtain country-specific information from the Italian diplomatic mission or Italian Cultural Institute in their country of origin, either in person or from the institutional websites. Contact details for Italian foreign missions abroad are available at Italian Embassies or Consulates Abroad