Directorate General for Italian Citizens Abroad and Migration Policies


Director General
Cristina Ravaglia

Deputy Director General/Principal Director for Migration Issues and Visas
Marco Del Panta

Deputy Director General/Principal Director for Services to Italians Abroad
Marco Giungi

Telephone 06 3691 2814
Fax 06 3691 3816


Office IEnhancement policies for Italian citizens abroad

  • Promotion, coordination and policy guidelines for Italians abroad;
  • legislative proposals;
  • relations with the General Council of Italians Abroad (CGIE), contributions to the Committees of Italians Resident Abroad (COMITES) and assistance bodies;– assistance for indigent Italian nationals abroad;
  • Italian associations abroad;
  • Members of Parliament of Italian descent throughout the world.


Office II Language and culture promotional activities for Italian citizens abroad

  • Educational and academic initiatives for Italians abroad, for the dissemination of Italian language and culture;
  • informational, cultural and recreational activities;
  • monitoring of the broadcasting of RAI ITALIA programmes abroad;
  • vocational training and related activities in non-European countries.


Office III Consular services concerning citizenship, civil status, travel documents and navigation

  • Citizenship and stateless status, civil status;
  • ordinary and temporary passports, identity cards, Emergency Travel Document (ETD), driving licenses;
  • social security agreements;– pension payments and war pensions;
  • relations with national social security bodies;
  • consular services in navigation matters.


Office IV Protection and assistance of Italians abroad, measures to address the international abduction of minors, international judicial cooperation

  • Coordination of consular activities regarding the protection and assistance of Italians abroad and of EU citizens not represented in third countries;
  • assistance to detainees, repatriations;
  • measures to address the international abduction of minors;
  • recovery of loans with the promise of restitution;
  • international judicial cooperation (extradition, prisoner transfers, letters rogatory, notifications, transmission of extra-judicial documents);
  • administrative notifications, coordination of notary services, legalisation and non-contentious proceedings.


Office V Consular Services, Register Office and voting for Italians abroad (absentee voting)

  • Maintenance of the central register of Italian nationals abroad (AIRE);
  • coordination of procedures regarding voting abroad for general and European elections and referendums, in liaison with the other ministries concerned;
  • procedures regarding elections in organisations representing Italians abroad.


Office VI Entry Visas for Italy and the Schengen area.

  • Central Italian authority for implementation of the Schengen agreements;
  • application of Italian and European Union provisions on issuing entry visas for Italy and the Schengen area;
  • legislative proposals on these matters in association with the other ministries concerned;
  • assistance for the diplomatic-consular network in matters concerning visas;disputes pertinent to visa denials.


Office VII Bilateral and multilateral cooperation on migration, refugees and international adoptions

  • Legal questions concerning foreign nationals in Italy;
  • issues related to the implementation of international protection measures in Italy;– protection of foreign minors in Italy;
  • bilateral migration agreements in liaison with the other ministries concerned;
  • analysis of foreign communities in Italy and migration flows in liaison with the other ministries concerned;
  • participation in interministerial planning of incoming flows of foreign nationals;
  • multilateral social and migration cooperation (UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), International Labour Organisation (ILO), International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and Council of Europe) and management of ILO-IOM financing.