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09/03/2015Stockholm - Climate soil and landscape: a lecture by Luca Mercalli
09/03/2015Prague - Traditions and notes: the polyphonic songs of Sardinia
09/03/2015Argentina - "9x10 Novanta", Homage to Istituto Luce presented in Rosario
09/03/2015Moscow - Made in Italy in the forefront at CPM apparel fair
09/03/2015Marseille - Concert Thursday by Germany’s first electronic orchestra
09/03/2015Dar Es Salaam - Italian mobile medical unit opens in Tanzania
09/02/2015Gentiloni: Italy, Germany and France jointly address immigration
09/02/2015Brazzaville - Azzurri Stars, old glories in the field for Made in Italy
09/02/2015Geneva - 50th anniversary of Mattmark tragedy
09/02/2015Copenhagen - Ambassador’s residence open for Golden Days
09/02/2015Montreal - Madama Butterfly opens opera season
09/01/2015Mission to Brasilia - Sports as a vehicle for building global citizens
09/01/2015ACCREDITATION NOTICE – 70th United Nations General Assembly - UNGA (New York, September 2015) Recall
09/01/2015Cartoline dall' altra Italia – To Dublin with no regrets (except for healthcare)
08/31/2015Montreal – Italian cinema at the Festival Films Du Monde
08/31/2015Italy-Mozambique – Deputy Minister Calenda’s mission to Facim
08/31/2015Case of Vittorio Fera, Farnesina: release on bail arranged, Embassy following developments
08/30/2015Case of Vittorio Fera arrested in West Bank
08/29/2015The unending migration tragedy - Gentiloni: "Now Europe knows"
08/28/2015Slovakia: The “Frecce Tricolori” perform at the “Siaf” Festival