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07/28/2015Cartoline dall’altra Italia: da Salerno a Dundee, la biologa che sfida i tumori
07/28/2015Shanghai - Opere Andy Warhol e Mimmo Rotella insieme
07/28/2015Uruguay - Celebra Teatro Opera di Roma con "Sudamericanamente"
07/28/2015Rio de Janeiro - Mostre, alla scoperta di Edoardo Demartino: il pittore marinaio
07/28/2015Toronto - Omaggia De Sica con mostra e retrospettiva
07/27/2015Chile - First staging of Rock Opera Stabat Mater
07/27/2015Belgrade – Italian director Masucci on Vranje Festival jury
07/27/2015Italy - China - 'Beautiful China' exhibition
07/25/2015Farnesina advisories on safe traveling
07/25/2015Gentiloni: "Libyan bank should stop funds to those who oppose peace" (Corriere della Sera)
07/24/2015Gentiloni: meeting with Egyptian Prime Minister Mahlab
07/24/2015Georgia: First Italo-Georgian Energy Business Forum in Tbilisi
07/24/2015An increasingly integrated approach in responding to emergencies due to natural disaster and protecting Italian nationals in emergency situations abroad
07/24/2015ACCREDITATION NOTICE – RECALL: 11th Conference of Ambassadors of Italy (Farnesina, 27/28 luglio)
07/23/2015New York Prize: 4 months in the Big Apple
07/23/2015Iraq - Cooperation: one million EUR for food assistance interventions
07/23/2015Italy and Nicaragua – Building relations
07/23/2015Italy and Japan discuss law and justice
07/23/2015Toronto - Exhibition ‘Milan a place to read’
07/23/2015New Delhi – Italian duo perform in India India, 4 centuries of music