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10/09/2015Joint Statement on Libya by the Governments of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States:
10/09/2015Gentiloni: colloquio con Faiz al Siraj, indicato come Primo Ministro dall’inviato delle Nazioni Unite
10/09/2015Conferimento del Premio Nobel per la Pace al Quartetto di esponenti della società civile tunisina
10/09/2015Dei - Morocco: aiming for aeronautic development thanks to partnership
10/09/2015“Music speaks Italian” - The unbreakable bond between the Italian language and music in a film produced by the Farnesina in collaboration with ANFE and “ I-Italy”
10/09/2015New York - Exhibition “La luce del Sud Italia” and 19th century painting
10/09/2015Cologne - Imagination and creativity, “Ap-punti” on fabric by Virginia Franceschi
10/09/2015Mexico - Italy guest of honour at "Design Week"
10/09/2015Bergen - Italian Day in Norway, growing businesses network
10/09/2015Gentiloni: «Italian letter to founder countries to build a Europe of two levels» (Corriere della Sera)
10/09/2015Libya: Gentiloni hails step toward national unity government
10/08/2015Italian diplomacy and the defence of human dignity
10/08/2015Gentiloni at the General Assembly and Annual Conference of the Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission (EuroMeSCo)
10/08/2015Sicily, “Blue Sea Land” for more regional cooperation
10/08/2015Palestine - Italian Cooperation earmarks 2.18 million euro emergency contribution to UNRWA
10/08/2015A 1.5 million euro Italian Cooperation contribution for interventions by the UN Humanitarian Depot in Brindisi
10/08/2015Indonesia - The Great War commemorated in music
10/08/2015Costa Rica - Focus on new architecture of Rome
10/08/2015Ottawa - Italian opera with Rossini and Carnevale Romano
10/08/2015Skopie - 3rd “Giffoni Macedonia” Children’s Film Festival gets underway