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Middle East and Mediterranean


Middle East and Mediterranean
17th Week of the Italian Language in the World - “Concert in Ramallah”17th Week of the Italian Language in the World - “Concert in Ramallah”The 17th Week of the Italian Language in the World opened in Ramallah with a concert entitled 'The Italian touch'. The concert, which was promoted by the Italian Consulate...
Minister Alfano in Milan to open the Business Forums with Hungary and with Arab Countries“Today companies need to internationalise. But it is a complex process impacted by geopolitical and economic scenarios that are difficult to predict. This is the reason for establishing the Situation Room for...
Jordan. Jordanian students line up to study in Italian  universities Jordan. Jordanian students line up to study in Italian universities Italy will be present with one pavilion and two stands at “Study in Europe Jordan 2017”, the show organised by the EU Delegation in Amman to orient Jordanian students...
PRESS ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Minister Alfano to attend the presentation of the programme “Italy, Cultures, the Mediterranean” (Palermo, Palazzo dei Normanni, 23 October)On Monday, 23 October, at 11:00 a.m. in Palermo, at Palazzo dei Normanni, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Angelino Alfano, will attend the presentation of “Italy, Cultures, the Mediterranean”,...
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Activities and responsibilities of the Directorate General Political Affairs and Security (DGAP)

The DGAP oversees relations with the 19 countries of the area of Northern Africa, the Near East and the Gulf. The Directorate monitors both bilateral and multilateral relations by drafting reports and documentation for the preparation of high-level State visits, and issuing directives to the Italian diplomatic–consular network. The Directorate also treats themes such as the Arab-Israeli peace process, the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, migration, the Iranian nuclear question, the development of Italian enterprise in the region and support to economic and trade relations.

The Directorate is the reference point for the diplomatic missions and consulates of the area, as well as for Italian regions, local agencies and other ministries. Both businesses and cultural and scientific spheres refer to the DGAP when developing their activities in the area.

The Maghreb, Near East, Middle East and Gulf offer major challenges and opportunities to Italy. Indeed, the need to ensure energy supply security and the further development of economic and financial activities goes hand-in-hand with that of the security and stability of this vast region and efforts to counteract illegal immigration. The former are to be achieved through increased official visits, possibly accompanied by business delegations. 

The political and geo-strategic importance the Middle East region has acquired for Italy is no secret, and merits the growing, consistent and steady commitment of Italian foreign policy. In order to meet the challenges of security, energy resources and economic potential that characterise the region on the current geo-strategic scenario, bilateral efforts with our regional partners are going to have to be accompanied by a multilateral approach. The Union for the Mediterranean has become a tool by which to advance these efforts, given the limitations of the Barcelona Process. Thanks above all to the impetus of Italy, Spain and Germany this body is taking shape and proving to enrich and surpass the Barcelona Process with which it is has finally converged.