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08/27/2015Romania - Discovering the Italian community on “The Road to Arad”
08/24/2015Kyoto – Renaissance music for Leonardo exhibition
08/21/2015Florence - The heart of Egyptology for a week
08/20/2015Brussels – Lauches “all’Italiano” at the cartoon festival
08/20/2015Peru – Italian design showcased in Lima
08/20/2015Sydney - Migrants and literature, Simonetta Agnello Hornby
08/19/2015New York - ‘Happenchance: the Allies in Italy’
08/19/2015Buenos Aires – Exhibition of Italian graphics masters
08/19/2015Amsterdam - Documentary tribute to Suso Cecchi D'Amico
08/19/2015Athens - Synergy of Art bring dance and theatre to Greek temple
08/18/2015Germany - ‘Cinema! Italia!’
08/18/2015Buenos Aires -Portrait of Italian emigration to Argentina
08/18/2015Kiev - Nordio concert to inaugurate the Philharmonic season
08/18/2015Argentina - Exhibition on the history of the Istituto Luce
08/18/2015Osaka - Art history course with a special focus on Caravaggio
08/14/2015Italian 20° Century in Washington - ‘Le Onde’ opens at the Hirshhorn
08/14/2015Mexico City – Italian architecture in the forefront
08/14/2015Kyoto – Leonardo’s ‘La Battaglia di Anghiari’
08/11/2015Argentina - “Periferie romane” in a photography exhibition in Rosario
08/11/2015Chile - An “Introduction to Italian Art and Culture” in Santiago