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03/07/2015Argentina - Diplomatic network supporting Italian film
03/07/2015Egypt - Homage to Alessandro Monti with an exhibition in Cairo
02/07/2015Buenos Aires - “Dante, Ulisse e il nuovo mondo”, with Piero Boitani
01/07/2015Cologne - Employment and training opportunities
01/07/2015Argentina – Buenos Aires hosts “l'Italia del futuro”
01/07/2015Canada – The best of Italian jazz at Ottawa and Montreal festivals
30/06/2015Tirana - Ten nights of Italian film at the Università delle Arti
30/06/2015Bratislava - A packed house for Paterlini’s concert in Slovakia
30/06/2015Italy–Cuba: A celebration of Havana cigars
30/06/2015Buenos Aires - Winners of Lucio Fontana Prize exhibiting their work
26/06/2015USA - Los Angeles to have museum of cinema thanks to Renzo Piano
26/06/2015Cordoba - Focus on contemporary Italian literature
25/06/2015Buthrotum – Archaeologists of Alma Mater at work in Albania
25/06/2015Bratislava - Everyone to market to discover the best of made in Italy
25/06/2015St. Petersburg - EXPO Milano leads
25/06/2015Moscow – Italian cinema’s memorable music
24/06/2015Brussels - “Syrians in Transit”: photography exhibition gives refugees a voice
24/06/2015Marseille- Poetry, Italy at the Festival Voix Vives de Méditerranée en Méditerranée
24/06/2015Prague - Brera Academy students captivate at Quadriennal
23/06/2015Toronto - Performance art of Francesca Fini captivates Canada