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10/13/2015Rete addetti scientifici, Valensise: Elemento prezioso da integrare sempre più
10/13/2015Madrid - Music and literature in an Italian language feast
10/13/2015Ottawa - From Ennio Morricone to Nino Rota: Italian film soundtracks
10/13/2015Science attachés meet at the Farnesina
10/12/2015Hamburg - Words, places and images: exploring the work of Pasolini
10/12/2015London - Sabino Cassese invited to event marking Italy’s 60 years with the UN
10/09/2015“Music speaks Italian” - The unbreakable bond between the Italian language and music in a film produced by the Farnesina in collaboration with ANFE and “ I-Italy”
10/09/2015New York - Exhibition “La luce del Sud Italia” and 19th century painting
10/09/2015Cologne - Imagination and creativity, “Ap-punti” on fabric by Virginia Franceschi
10/09/2015Mexico - Italy guest of honour at "Design Week"
10/08/2015Indonesia - The Great War commemorated in music
10/08/2015Costa Rica - Focus on new architecture of Rome
10/08/2015Ottawa - Italian opera with Rossini and Carnevale Romano
10/08/2015Skopie - 3rd “Giffoni Macedonia” Children’s Film Festival gets underway
10/07/2015Zagreb - "Masterpieces of the Farnesina Collection. A glance at Italian art from the 1950s to the present"
10/07/2015Londra - Primo compleanno per rassegna cinema italiano
10/07/2015New York - “The Trauma of Painting” al Guggenheim l’arte di Burri
10/06/2015Philadelphia - 'Ciao Philadelphia', a month of tours and concerts
10/06/2015Prague - Health and Medicine: hypnosis, an Italian lesson
10/06/2015Stockholm – In search of Mariano Fortuny: designer and inventor