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Governo Italiano

Week of the Italian Language


Week of the Italian Language


What is the Week of the Italian Language in the World?

The Week of the Italian Language in the World is an event promoted yearly by the cultural and diplomatic network in the third week of October. It focuses on a theme that acts as the leitmotif of a vast cultural programme to promote the diffusion of the Italian language. The initiative was launched in 2001 through the joint action of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Accademia della Crusca, which was subsequently joined by the Swiss Confederation, where Italian is one of the three official languages.

During these past sixteen years, the Week of the Italian Language in the World has ended up representing the Foreign Ministry’s privileged Italian promotion channel in terms of the number of activities simultaneously organised all over the world. This success story is due to the growing engagement of the Italian and Italian-speaking communities abroad, local cultural institutions and a host of writers, poets, artists, teachers and academics who passionately enlivened all the past editions by taking part in hundreds of conferences, meetings, lectures, refresher courses, thus opening a cultural and intercultural dialogue with other writers, artists, intellectuals and representatives of civil society in a large number of Countries.

16th Week of the Italian Language in the World
The 16th edition of the Week of the Italian Language in the World, from 17 to 23 October 2016, was dedicated to Italian creativity and brands, especially in the sectors of fashion, lifestyles and design, as described in the title “Italian and creativity: brands and lifestyles, fashion and design”.

Design will be one of the fulcrums of the permanent integrated promotion of Italian know-how in future years.

The preceding editions

Last year, the Week of the Italian Language in the World took place from 19 to 24 October 2015. The theme chosen was “Italian in Music, the Music of Italian”. The geographic distribution of the more than 1,300 events, is shown in the tables on this page: 435 in the Americas, 408 in the European Union, 163 in Asia and Oceania, 171 in non-EU European Countries, 113 in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East and 75 in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2014, during the Italian Presidency of the European Union, the Directorate General promoted a systematic reflection on cultural industries in Italy under the theme “Writing the New Europe: Italian publishers, authors and readers in the digital age” (20-25 October 2014). The geographic distribution of the events was the following: 324 in the European Union, 153 in non-EU European Countries, 144 in Asia and Oceania, 88 the Mediterranean and in the Middle East and 67 in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2013, the Week focused on the theme “Research, Discovery, Innovation: the Italy of know-hows”, underscoring the centrality of science and technology in Italian culture, and to celebrate which 1,200 events were organised in 153 venues – Italian Cultural Institutes, Consulates and Embassies – in 102 Countries.

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