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Iran Nucleare al via nuovo round preceduto dalla due giorni di colloqui a Teheran del Ministro GentiloniIran: Nucleare, al via nuovo round preceduto dalla 'due giorni' di colloqui a Teheran del Ministro GentiloniAll'indomani della ''due giorni'' del Ministro Paolo Gentiloni a Teheran e' cominciato a Ginevra un nuovo round di negoziati per stringere un accordo sul programma nucleare...
Syria. Attacks in Hasake Province. Unacceptable genocide, says Gentiloni. Preserve Middle East cultural and religious patrimony“I wish to express my firmest condemnation of the religious and ethnic-related violence systematically and viciously perpetrated by the Daesh against local Syrian populations”. Minister for Foreign Affairs and...
Libya: Gentiloni says Italy and Tunisia share positionsWith regard to the Libyan crisis, Italy and Tunisia share a common position on “the need to redouble efforts to find a solution that all the factions can agree to, since political stability is the only way to...
Gentiloni: «Pour l’Italie, la Tunisie est un partenaire stratégique» (La Presse) – Versione originaleEn visite officielle en Tunisie, M. Paolo Gentiloni, ministre italien des Affaires étrangères, a réaffirmé l’engagement ferme de l’Italie à appuyer le processus de transition démocratique en Tunisie et...

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