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Case of Vittorio Fera, Farnesina: release on bail arranged, Embassy following developmentsThe Farnesina continues to monitor the case of Italian national Vittorio Fera. Officials of the Embassy of Italy in Tel Aviv attended a hearing this morning at the Jerusalem Court. The Court provided for the release...
Case of Vittorio Fera arrested in West BankThe Consulate General of Italy in Jerusalem and the Italian embassy in Tel Aviv have been closely monitoring the case of Italian national Vittorio Fera, who is under arrest in the West Bank. His case is being examined...
Agreement for a solution to the civil conflict in South Sudan is welcomed by ItalyThe signing by President Salva Kiir of the agreement for the solution of the civil conflict in South Sudan has been welcomed by Italy. Opposition leader Riek Machar had already signed the agreement on 17 August...
“Enough talk of homework”, says Gentiloni. “Italy is doing its duty” (Corriere della Sera)The German Chancellor, Merkel, and the French President, Hollande, are urging our government to open migrant registration centres “in a short timescale, by the end of the year”. And Italian Foreign Minister...
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