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Week of Italian Cuisine


Week of Italian Cuisine


settimana cucina copertina

Key points of the second edition are:

  • combining “high-quality cuisine and wine”;
  • protecting and leveraging the controlled and protected designation of origin of products and promoting actions to disseminate Italian brand-protection methods, in order to launch initiatives to fight the so called Italian sounding;
  • promoting regional and food-and-wine tourist itineraries;
  • focusing attention on training in the hotel sector, to developing long-term cooperation between Italian and international chefs;
  • supporting the candidacy of the art of the Neapolitan pizza chefs and of the “le Colline del Prosecco a Valdobbiadene” site to be included in the UNESCO world heritage list;
  • supporting the traditional products of the Regions struck by the earthquake.

Point of reference for the more than 1000 activities scheduled is the network of 296 diplomatic and consular offices and Italian Cultural Institutes, which will coordinate the initiatives of all partners, in order to optimise the use of resources, favour an economy of scale and assure consistency. Priority Countries, target of promotion and communication actions, are: United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, and United Arab Emirates.