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21/03/2015Giornata internazionale per l’eliminazione delle discriminazioni razziali
19/03/2015From the World to the Farnesina: the coexistence of differences
18/03/2015UN Human Rights Council concludes Universal Periodic Review of Italy
16/03/2015Gentiloni: nuovo contesto sull'immigrazione
10/03/2015UN - Della Vedova in New York – 59th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women
09/03/2015UN - Della Vedova in New York
07/03/20158 March International Women’s Day
06/03/2015European Day of the Righteous: remembering evil is a foundation for cultivating memory and doing good
02/03/2015Under-Secretary Della Vedova, mission to Minsk
26/02/2015Syria. Attacks in Hasake Province. Unacceptable genocide, says Gentiloni. Preserve Middle East cultural and religious patrimony
13/02/2015Gentiloni: "More money and means for Triton. EU doing too little to save human lives" (La Repubblica)
06/02/2015International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. For Italy, a traditional battle for civility, says Gentiloni. Important events today at the UN in New York and Geneva
29/01/2015Athens - Conference on "Extermination of Jews in Greece"
27/01/2015Zagreb: Roma Museum of the Shoah launched at conference
27/01/2015Cinema: "I figli della Shoah" in the Jerusalem Film Library - The documentary premiered at the last International Film Festival of Rome
27/01/2015Washington: Diplomatic-consular network observes Day of Remembrance
27/01/2015Gentiloni: Remembrance Day, Italy strong in fight against anti-Semitism and religious intolerance
22/01/2015Brussels: pedalling for freedom in memory of Ennio Odino
21/01/2015Remembrance Day: Speaker Grasso to attend commemoration ceremony at Auschwitz
13/01/2015Barcelona: Success for Italian cinema and immigration