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11/25/2015UN Third Commission adopts resolution on right to food
11/23/2015Rule of law and Agenda 2030 – IDLO’s Assembly of Parties at the Farnesina
11/18/2015Filippo Grandi confirmed as UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Gentiloni: source of national pride
11/18/2015Including the disability dimension in development programmes and policies
11/12/2015UNHCR: Filippo Grandi has been nominated by the Secretary General of the United Nations as the High Commissioner for Refugees. Gentiloni expresses great satisfaction: a recognition of Italy’s efforts on behalf of refugees
10/22/2015Emergency contribution to UNHCR for flooding in Saharawi refugee camps in Tindouf Algeria
10/19/2015The UN to come: “Romun2015” concluding ceremony
10/15/2015Expo - World Food Day – Italy’s pledge to contribution
10/08/2015Italian diplomacy and the defence of human dignity
10/06/2015Italian Cooperation earmarks one million euro multilateral emergency contribution for aid to displaced Somalis
09/21/2015Guido Raimondi nuovo Presidente della Corte Europea dei Diritti dell'Uomo
09/18/2015Della Vedova a Treviso, seminario su libertà religiosa, di coscienza e di pensiero
09/10/2015Anna Lindh Foundation – Leaders for dialogue and peace meet
09/08/2015Gentiloni attends international conference to relaunch an Action Plan against ethnic and religious violence in the Middle East
09/05/2015Gentiloni alla Gymnich, Italia lavora per impegno comune UE
09/02/2015Gentiloni: Italy, Germany and France jointly address immigration
08/29/2015The unending migration tragedy - Gentiloni: "Now Europe knows"
08/27/2015Refugee emergency in Serbia: intervention by Italian Development Cooperation
08/23/2015Gentiloni: «Europe must change now or Schengen’s in jeopardy» (Messaggero)
08/18/2015Turkey: Construction begins on metro line to Istanbul’s third airport