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28/06/2015“We can only fight terror if we’re united”, says Gentiloni (Il Messaggero)
22/06/2015Gentiloni, the EuNavFor against people trafficking
18/06/2015Egypt: Farnesina expresses strong concerns over death penalty for members of Muslim Brotherhood
15/06/2015Italy-Pakistan: Della Vedova visiting Islamabad
14/06/2015Gentiloni: “The nay-saying countries are short-sighted” (La Stampa)
11/06/2015Dei - Ghana - Italian architects build new GNPC headquarters
10/06/2015Communiqué for Libya meeting in Berlin - June 10th
28/05/2015Gentiloni – “Migrants: the future of the EU is at stake” (Avvenire)
27/05/2015UN – International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers
22/05/2015Afghanistan, members of the Afghan parliament “at school” in Italy
17/05/2015Farnesina: serious concern over death sentence for former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders
16/05/2015Italian Cooperation flight carries aid for refugees and displaced in Northern Cameroon fleeing Boko Haram
16/05/2015Gentiloni: "Targeted incursions and naval actions for the EU mission in Libya" (Corriere della Sera)
12/05/2015A Berlino il J7 International Youth Summit: dall’Italia delegazione di 3 ragazze e 3 ragazzi
11/05/2015Migration: Gentiloni expresses hopes that UN Security Council adopts resolution proposed by European countries
04/05/2015Istanbul Convention: Simona Lanzoni elected member of GREVIO
04/05/2015Migration: Italy is still too isolated in its efforts, Gentiloni tells EU
30/04/2015Concern over recent violence in Burundi
21/04/2015“Africa and the Mediterranean are a foreign policy priority for Italy”, says Gentiloni


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