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Diritti Umani: Consiglio Affari Esteri Ue adotta Piano d'Azione 2015-2019Il Consiglio Affari Esteri ha adottato oggi a Bruxelles il Piano d’Azione UE per i Diritti Umani e la Democrazia 2015-2019. Il Piano contempla una serie di azioni volte a rafforzare la coerenza e l’efficacia...
Gentiloni meets with UN Special Envoy for the Sahel Hiroute Guebre SellassieGentiloni meets with UN Special Envoy for the Sahel Hiroute Guebre SellassieMinister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Paolo Gentiloni met today at the Farnesina with the UN Secretary General’s special envoy for the Sahel, Hiroute...
Iran: Comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme announced in Vienna is a long-awaited result, says Gentiloni“The comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear question announced today in Vienna is a long-awaited result”, was the comment from Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni on hearing the news. “Achieved thanks...
Gentiloni: «Athens is to blame, not the Germans. Time now to avoid EU exit» (Corriere della Sera)«The situation has not been resolved with the Greek referendum’s “NO” victory. I understand the Syriza voters’ celebrations, a bit less the Italian cheering section. The vote established that Tsipras has...
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The role of Italy in the European Union from the historical and political viewpoint.
Departing from the long road leading from the Treaty of Rome to the European Convention, passing though the opening to new members and arriving at common policies and the Intergovernmental Conference, everything a European citizen needs to know is contained in a concise handbook.
Here then are the country outlines of Member Countries and Candidate Countries and an ample section dedicated to common policies. Finally, there are several information sheets on the most pressing European issues.



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