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Gentiloni meets his Swiss counterpart, Didier BurkhalterThe Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Paolo Gentiloni, met his Swiss counterpart, Didier Burkhalter, in Berne today, 28 May 2015. During their cordial, in-depth discussion the ministers...
Gentiloni – “Migrants: the future of the EU is at stake” (Avvenire)“It’s a good start. But now the delicate negotiations are starting – negotiations that are complex and full of unknowns”. After a night of talks and contacts with Europe, Paolo Gentiloni is opting for realism....
“From Syria to Iraq to Libya, Russia is crucial”, says GentiloniSpain is heading towards the indignado populism of Podemos; Poland has elected Andrzej Duda, an ultra-nationalist who hates Brussels perhaps even more than he hates Moscow, Greece is on the brink of leaving the...
Gentiloni: Meeting with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Pavlo KlimkinThe Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Paolo Gentiloni, received the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, at the Farnesina today, 26 May 2015. The meeting was an opportunity...

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The role of Italy in the European Union from the historical and political viewpoint.
Departing from the long road leading from the Treaty of Rome to the European Convention, passing though the opening to new members and arriving at common policies and the Intergovernmental Conference, everything a European citizen needs to know is contained in a concise handbook.
Here then are the country outlines of Member Countries and Candidate Countries and an ample section dedicated to common policies. Finally, there are several information sheets on the most pressing European issues.


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