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Alternate text - Virtual Tour Farnesina


Alternate text - Virtual Tour Farnesina

The film opens with a wide-view of the Farnesina Palace showing Arnoldo Pomodoro's famous bronze sculpture representing the "ideal" planet in the foreground.

The view takes in the imposing 170-metre long façade and grand entrance surmounted by the flags of both Italy and the European Union.

The virtual tour continues with images of the elegant reception hall containing several important pieces of modern art, including a signed statue by De Chirico.

Several paintings from the Ministry's prestigious modern art collection adorn the large atrium outside the Minister's rooms and those of his staff. This atrium reflects the dominant monumental and symmetrical architectural style of 1930s Italy.

Moving on to the large anti-camera to the offices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the tour then takes in the office where he works: a very simple room with white walls and furniture that accentuate its luminosity.

In addition to an antique desk, the room is furnished with a sofa, armchairs and a few prestigious paintings. A few steps away from the Minister's room is the room known as the "hall of Victory" since it is reserved for official meetings and the signing of international Treaties.

This room is dominated by a large marble table and is designed according to the same rationalist style of the rest of the building.

The tour moves on to a large ceremonial atrium that takes its name from the modern mosaics covering its walls.

The virtual tour comes to an end on a wide-shot of the adjacent International Conference Room with its massive meeting table and imposing crystal chandelier.