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Alternative Text - Virtual Tour of the MFA Private Club


Alternative Text - Virtual Tour of the MFA Private Club

The tour opens at the entrance to the MFA Private Club and the camera lingers over the plaques displaying the names of its various Presidents.

A broad panorama follows of the building that houses the Club, and of the central swimming pool surrounded by English lawns and shaded by centuries-old pines.

Moving on to the children's swimming pool the camera then shifts over to the tennis courts and on to the gymnasium weights room to re-emerge in an evocative garden dominated by Mimmo Paladino's "Sphinx".

After a view of the lovely open-air restaurant the tour continues down the lane to the platform along the Tiber where a floating dock-house is fully equipped for all sorts of rowing activities.

A sweeping 360° shot of the indoor restaurant zooms in on various details of its decorative mosaics by Sandro Chia, followed by a view of a polychromatic glass piece by Luciano Vistosi.

The film resumes from the formal drawing room where sports trophies and cups are displayed. Moving on finally to the Dorazio and Sanna rooms, the camera lingers a moment at the refreshments corner, to conclude with a panoramic exterior view.