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03/07/2015Dei - Argentina 56 new models presented at the Buenos Aires motor show
03/07/2015Russia - “Italy meets the Caucasus” mission to Stavropol
03/07/2015Argentina - Diplomatic network supporting Italian film
03/07/2015Egypt - Homage to Alessandro Monti with an exhibition in Cairo
03/07/2015Libya: statement signed tonight is the first result of the mediation conducted by Bernardino Leon with the support of Italy and of the international community, says Gentiloni
02/07/2015UN: Human Rights Council adopts first Resolution on prevention of child, early and forced marriage
02/07/2015DEI – Chile: New framework law on inward investment
02/07/2015Slovenia and Croatia: Agreement on indigenous Italian minority signed for 2015
02/07/2015Jerusalem - Israel – a land of opportunity for young Italian entrepreneurs
02/07/2015Buenos Aires - “Dante, Ulisse e il nuovo mondo”, with Piero Boitani
02/07/2015Business - Catania hosts internationalisation road show
02/07/2015Gentiloni: “Luxembourg Presidency’s commitment on immigration is positive”
01/07/2015Egypt: terrorist attacks. Italy at the side of the Egyptian people and government
01/07/2015Gentiloni: Meeting with Chair of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front
01/07/2015Cologne - Employment and training opportunities
01/07/2015Argentina – Buenos Aires hosts “l'Italia del futuro”
01/07/2015Business - Catania hosts internationalisation road show
01/07/2015Fire risk: Beirut adopts Italian Civil Protection platform
01/07/2015Canada – The best of Italian jazz at Ottawa and Montreal festivals
01/07/2015'Cartoline dall'altra Italia': Un viaggio nella nuova Emigrazione, alla scoperta dei giovani che hanno deciso di provare un’esperienza all’estero