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Accreditation Notices


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04/29/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Seventh Meeting of the Italy-China Government Committee (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 5 May 2016)
04/29/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - World Humanitarian Summit (Istanbul, May 23-24 2016)
04/28/2016ACCREDITATION NOTE - CANCELLATION of filming of the arrival in Italy of Vice President of the United States Joe Biden (Ciampino Airport, 28 April 2016)
04/27/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - the Third Conference on "European Networks and Agencies for Internationalisation" (Farnesina, 28 April 2016)
04/26/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Arrival in Italy of United States Vice President, Joe Biden (Ciampino Airport, 28 April 2016)
04/22/2016NOTA DI ACCREDITAMENTO - Incontro nell’ambito de “I martedì critici” (Farnesina, 26 aprile) - Recall
04/20/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Meeting of the “Critical Tuesdays” cycle (Farnesina, 26 April 2016)
04/14/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Joint press point with Minister Gentiloni - Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich (Farnesina, 15 April 2016)​
04/08/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - National Plan to tackle food emergency in Africa (Farnesina, 14 April)
04/07/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Italian-German High Level Dialogue (Turin, 13 April 2016)
04/01/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE ​The "Pakistan Trade and Investment Forum"
03/31/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Press point with Minister Paolo Gentiloni and the President of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, Franco Bernabé (Foreign Ministry, 4 April 2016)
03/30/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Presentation of the project “Atlante delle Stragi Naziste e Fasciste in Italia 1943-1945” (Farnesina, 6 April 2016)
03/30/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Closing event of the European Year for Development (Liceo Augusto of Rome, 31 March 2016)
03/29/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Human rights to water day (Farnesina, 5 April 2016)
03/18/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Plenary Assembly of the General Council of Italians Abroad (CGIE) - (Farnesina, 22 March, 2016) ​ On Tuesday, 22 March, at 10:00 a.m. the Plenary Assembly of the General Council of Italians Abroad (CGIE) will open at the Farnesina
03/16/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Minister Gentiloni to meet with Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida (Villa Madama, Rome, 19 March)
03/14/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Conference on “Religion and Diplomacy: a new strategic pillar for a comprehensive mediterranean dialogue” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 17 March 2016)
03/11/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Promoting Quality Italian Cuisine Abroad (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 15 March, 2016)
03/11/2016ACCREDITATION NOTICE - G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting (Hiroshima, 10-11 April 2016)