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04/10/2016EuropeAid/138328/IH/ACT/DZALGERIAAppui à la Direction Générale des Douanes pour la Mise en place d’une Centrale des Risques
29/09/2016SR 13 IPA OT 01 16SERBIAFurther Development of Consumer Protection in Serbia
19/09/2016SR 13 IPA AG 02 16 TWLSERBIAIdentification of necessary steps in the process of establishing а carcass classification system in accordance with EU requirements
16/09/2016KS 15 IPA AG 01 16KOSOVOSupport to strengthening Kosovo's plant production and protection system and capacities
16/09/2016KS 14 IPA OT 02 16KOSOVOSupport Kosovo institutions on SAA implementation
16/09/2016KS 15 IPA JH 01 16KOSOVOFurther strengthening the correctional and probation services in Kosovo
16/09/2016HR 12 IPA EY 01 16 TWLCROAZIAStrengthening capacities for energy efficiency in building sector in Croatia” (CRO nZEB)
15/09/2016HR 14 IPA JH 06 16 TWLCROAZIAProcessing of traces on clothing - from crime scene to forensic experts reports” (CRO TRACE)
13/09/2016HR 14 IPA EN 01 16 TWLCROAZIASupporting monitoring for safer management of hazardous chemicals that can be used as chemical weapons in the Republic of Croatia (CRO CHEMICALS)
12/09/2016HR 14 IPA JH 05 16 TWLCROAZIAFurther enhancing the Human Resources, training and education system of the Ministry of Interior
09/09/2016HR 14 IPA JH 03 16 TWL RCROAZIAAdvanced biostatistics in routine forensic DNA casework (CRO STAT)
06/09/2016HR 14 IPA JH 02 16 TWL RCROAZIAStrengthening capacities of the Ministry of Interior in the field of biometric face identification (CRO BFI)
01/09/2016MK 13 IPA EN 01 16MACEDONIAStrengthening the capacities for effective implementation of the acquis in the field of water quality
01/09/2016HR 14 IPA FI 05 16 TWLCROAZIAIntegration and Improvement of Risk Based Supervision in Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency
01/08/2016HR 14 IPA JH 04 16 TWLCROAZIAAssessment of current evidences and registers concerning collection and processing of the data in the field of asylum and proposal of measures for establishing more effective model of collecting data
21/07/2016AL 14 IPA JH 01 16 ALBANIAFurther Strengthening the Assembly of Albania in the context of EU Accession (AL Parliament)
21/07/2016HR 14 IPA FI 04 16 TWLCROAZIAImplementation and development of monitoring and auditing e-commerce function within Croatian Tax Administration
19/07/2016HR 14 IPA FI 03 16 TWLCROAZIA“Support to further development and strengthening of the system of central public procurement within the CPO” (CRO CPP)
18/07/2016TR 13 IPA NS 01 16 RTURCHIAImprovement of Nuclear Safety Regulatory Infrastructure of Turkey