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Per Diem


Per Diem

Twinning per diem rate and Flat rate


  • The per diem payments are intended to cover living expenditure (hotel, meals and small expenses) incurred by individual experts involved in the implementation of twinning projects on the basis of scales defined for all Community external assistance missions by Directorate General Europe Aid.

In accordance with this purpose these payments are intended to accrue to the individuals involved at the rates fixed by the Commission. In respecting these individual payments, it is also ensured that all Member state twinning partners are treated on an equal and transparent footing.

  • The flat rate is at the disposal of the Twinning project leaders who can use it for the benefit of the twinning projects:

As stated in Section 5.8.1 of the common twinning manual: General Principle

“The breakdown of costs detailed in Annex III (Budget) to the Twinning Contract may not include expert fees or other any fees for work performed outside the BC, no matter what its nature (e.g. preparation or follow-up of mission, accompaniment of study visit, delivery of seminars in MS, co-ordination, logistical management (accounts) overheads and other incidental costs).
In its place, and as a global contribution to the costs arising from the responsibility of preparing and implementing a Twinning project, the fee for short and medium-term expertise of any kind (including the Project Leader) delivered in the BC is increased by a compensation of 150% for twinning management costs.This amount is added to expert fees for each activity in the BC. The MS organisation in charge of the Twinning project may dispose of it for any costs arising in the MS in connection with the project and overhead costs.
Since Twinning Contracts are modelled on grant contracts, they are subject to the overall requirement that they may not yield a profit for the implementing MS partner (public administration or mandated body).”
This means that the respective Project Leaders have the necessary flexibility to use these funds with respect of sound financial management and the non-profit principle for the broader benefit of twinning.