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Governo Italiano

Italian Development Cooperation


Italian Development Cooperation

Lebanon: concert in the Temple of Bacchus at BaalbeckLebanon: concert in the Temple of Bacchus at Baalbeck​The Temple of Bacchus in the heart of Baalbek, one of the most important, well-preserved archaeological sites in the Middle East, acted as backdrop to a concert organised...
The Italian Cooperation service arranges to help NigerIn order to tackle a cholera epidemic, at the request of Niger’s authorities, the Foreign Ministry has arranged to help the population of Niger through its Development Cooperation network by sending off an Air...
Midwives deployed to remote Afghanistan to lower maternal death rateMidwives deployed to remote Afghanistan to lower maternal death rateBy midnight, Khurshid, 35, was in serious trouble. Five months pregnant and bleeding heavily, she had passed out at home. Her family carried her unconscious body to the nearest...
Partnership agreement signed to promote sustainable agriculture Partnership agreement signed to promote sustainable agriculture A partnership agreement was signed promoting sustainable agriculture to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and...
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As an integral part of our country’s foreign policy, the Italian Development Cooperation’s approach is based on two priorities: first, the need to ensure the protection of life and human dignity to all the planet’s inhabitants; and second, a vision of cooperation as a method by which to install, improve and strengthen relations among various countries and various communities. This peer-to-peer exchange, in addition to increasing that mutual understanding necessary for comprehending the real needs of the recipients of interventions, fosters relations aimed at economic and, most importantly, at social and human growth respectful of the environment and cultural variety and capable of protecting common assets such as water, food and energy, so as to ensure the greater prosperity of populations and peace among people.

Italian development cooperation policy also aims to pursue these objectives along with economic, cultural and security goals, by strengthening the role and image of our country around the world.

For more information consult theCooperation website.

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