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Executive Programmes for Scientific and Technological Cooperation


Executive Programmes for Scientific and Technological Cooperation

The Unit for Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Directorate General for Country Promotion is in charge of the negotiation and signing of Executive Protocols on bilateral cooperation in science and technology. The Executive Protocols are the direct application of specific bilateral science and technology collaboration agreements and have multiyear validity.

The Executive Protocols specify the areas of research to which Italy and a partner country are to dedicate research: a Call for Proposals is issued from which results fundable projects from both countries are selected.

The Executive Protocols list selected scientific research projects, which can be one of two types:

  • "Researcher Mobility Projects", bilaterally financed projects: in particular, the Unit for Scientific Cooperation covers travel expenses for Italian researchers going abroad and living expenses for foreign researchers working in Italy;
  • "Projects of Major Importance", eligible for annual co-financing in pursuance of Law no. 401/90.

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