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Governo Italiano

European Policy


European Policy
Al via il Terzo Forum dell’Iniziativa Adriatico Ionica e della Strategia UE per la Regione Adriatico Ionica a conclusione dell’anno di Presidenza italianaSi terrà a Catania il 24-25 maggio il forum della strategia macroregionale Adriatico Ionica (IAI) e della strategia macroregionale “European Union Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region” (EUSAIR) a conclusione...
In 2018 Italian is one of the five languages of the competition EPSOAs in 2017, also this year Italian will be one of the restricted group of languages used in the final selection of European Union officials. The news was confirmed by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)...
EU BudgetThe proposals the Commission put forward yesterday provide an excellent starting point for the discussions we will hold in the next few months with other EU member states and institutions. Our goal will be to approve...
Undersecretary of State Amendola at the 5th Rabat Process ConferenceThe Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Vincenzo Amendola,  traveled to Morocco, where today he participated in the 5th Euro-African Conference on migration and development (also...
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The role of Italy in the European Union from the historical and political viewpoint.
Departing from the long road leading from the Treaty of Rome to the European Convention, passing though the opening to new members and arriving at common policies and the Intergovernmental Conference, everything a European citizen needs to know is contained in a concise handbook.
Here then are the country outlines of Member Countries and Candidate Countries and an ample section dedicated to common policies. Finally, there are several information sheets on the most pressing European issues.


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