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Governo Italiano

European Policy


European Policy
Audizione del Ministro Moavero alle Commissioni congiunte Esteri e Politiche UE di Senato e CameraAudizione del Ministro Moavero Milanesi davanti alle Commissioni congiunte Esteri e Politiche Unione Europea di Senato e Camera.
The Sea Watch 3 Case ​ With reference to the Sea Watch 3 case, the Farnesina confirms that, upon recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs,  Enzo Moavero, the Italian Ambassador to the Hague was instructed to take formal...
Minister Moavero had a telephone conversation with Albanian Prime Minister and with the opposion leaderThe Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, had a telephone conversation with the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, and with the President of the Democratic Party of Albania...
Minister Moavero urges Albanian political forces to strictly respect the fundamental rules of democracy The Foreign Ministry, in constant contact with the Italian Embassy in Tirana, has been closely following the developments in the political situation in Albania over the last few weeks. In particular, Minister Moavero...
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The role of Italy in the European Union from the historical and political viewpoint.
Departing from the long road leading from the Treaty of Rome to the European Convention, passing though the opening to new members and arriving at common policies and the Intergovernmental Conference, everything a European citizen needs to know is contained in a concise handbook.
Here then are the country outlines of Member Countries and Candidate Countries and an ample section dedicated to common policies. Finally, there are several information sheets on the most pressing European issues.


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