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Copenhagen - Cinema, history and mystery: Italian Cultural Institute screens a film on Ettore Majorana



Copenhagen - Cinema, history and mystery: Italian Cultural Institute screens a film on Ettore Majorana

“There are some truly extraordinary geniuses, like Galileo and Newton: Majorana is one of them”, said Enrico Fermi about Ettore Majorana, Italy's greatest twentieth century physicist, the brightest of the 'Via Panisperna boys'. His disappearence in March 1938, while on a ferry travelling from Palermo to Naples, is one of the biggest Italian mysteries of the last hundred years. The Sicilian genius of theoretical physics comes alive again in a documentary film soon to be shown in Denmark. The Italian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen is preparing to stage an Italian cinema event, which will include a screening of Nessuno mi troverà [No one will find me], by Egidio Eronico with Francesco Guerra, Nadia Robotti and Ettore Majorana jr. The documentary will be shown as part of the "An Italian film a month" programme on Monday, 24 April, at 19.30. First shown in Italian cinemas last April and distributed by Istituto Luce-Cinecittà, the film tells the story of the physicist who disappeared on 26 March 1938, just 31 years old, leaving no trace or explanations. The mystery remains, despite the many assumptions made. The documentary film will be screened in Italian with Danish subtitles. 

Ettore Majorana, a talented Sicilian theoretical physicist and lecturer at the Institute of Physics of the University of Naples, disappeared in mysterious circumstances, at the age of thirty-one, on 26 March 1938. He was perhaps the greatest theoretical physicist of the twentieth century, and possibly the most well-known missing person in contemporary Italian history. His disappearance, almost eighty years ago, continues to raise questions, doubts and inquiries. His intuitions and scientific work are more topical today than when they were published. Through documents, archive images, graphic novel animations, testimonies, documentary material and conjecture, the film explores the mystery of Ettore Majorana. Suicide? Kidnap? Escape? Through documents and imagination – following the tracks of the detailed searches carried out by Francesco Guerra and Nadia Robotti around the figure and activities of Majorana – Nessuno mi troverà tries to answer some if not all these questions on film, naturally without the presumption of offering certainties, but also without supporting the convenient inconsistencies of an inevitable if unsatisfactory "official truth".

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