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Matthew Giuffrida will be on show at the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco



Matthew Giuffrida will be on show at the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco

Matthew Giuffrida, a painter who was born near New York City, raised in Washington and now living and working in California, at Vallejo, said of his artistic experience: "During the course of my 45-year-journey as a painter, I have had the opportunity to travel and see many works of art - some famous and some less known. I have stored them all in my mind. Unexpectedly, they find a way to manifest themselves when I paint. Seldom do I approach a blank canvas with a specific image or landscape in mind. It is through the process of allowing my subconscious to speak, supported by my personal technique, that I create a work that reveals what I am searching for."
Mr. Giuffrida is an abstract expressionist from the Bay Area, whose paintings draw inspiration from masters of the late Italian Renaissance. "I always have music playing when I am painting. My choice of music is based on mood, genre, but above all, on energy. I can work listening to Ornette Coleman, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Mississippi Delta Blues, Giuseppe Logan, opera or contemporary classical pieces."
The Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco is getting ready to host 'Spirits Known and Unknown,' an exhibition of Giuffrida's works. It will remain open to the public from 3  August to 7 September, 2017. The exhibition will showcase the artist's latest paintings. On August 18 the Institute will hold a conversation with the artist.



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