The promotion of Brand Italy abroad also leverages football
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The promotion of Brand Italy abroad also leverages football



The promotion of Brand Italy abroad also leverages football

The signing of the Cooperation Programme between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) in Milan today, officialised the cooperation between the two organisations, which is grounded on four strategic pillars: the Foreign Ministry’s support for the candidacies of Italy as the venue for football events; capitalising on the Italy national football teams and their champions, past and present; providing coaching and management update and refresher training courses to Italian youth clubs abroad; coordinating sports training activities in Third Countries, used as an instrument of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

A permanent Working Group will be assigned the task of detailing the programme of actions to be carried out and monitor their implementation.

“Sport has always been a factor of peace and cross-cultural dialogue,” said the Director General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation at the Foreign Ministry, Vincenzo De Luca, after having signed the cooperation agreement with the President of the FIGC, Carlo Tavecchio. He went on: “But it is also an element of Italy’s prestige and a vehicle of its identity. Italy’s integrated promotion strategy coordinated by the Foreign Ministry is being enriched with a new dimension: through football we can further bolster our commercial and cultural foreign market penetration, spurring a positive fallout on Italy’s whole economic system. From today on we will stand by the FIGC, uniting diplomacy and football in teamwork to represent Italy around the world.”  

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