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Press Releases

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05/17/2020Giornata mondiale contro l'omofobia, la transfobia e la bifobia (17 maggio 2020) Communicate
05/15/2020Sottosegretario Di Stefano al webinar “Mercati in diretta, focus Francia” Communicate
05/15/2020ll Sottosegretario Scalfarotto partecipa alla riunione in video-conferenza dell’InCE Communicate
05/14/2020The Foreign Ministry continues to work to repatriate compatriots: so far more than 80,000 repatriations, 1,100 since yesterday Communicate
05/14/2020Scalfarotto at the G20 Trade Ministers Meeting Communicate
05/14/2020Sereni, we need a new EU strategic vision towards Southern Neighbourhood Communicate
05/13/2020The third meeting of the "International Follow-up Committee" on Libya Communicate
05/13/2020Algeria; Sereni-Bladehane video call, full sync on Libya Communicate
05/13/2020Italy-China: Undersecretary Di Stefano on an agreement for the production of electric cars in Emilia-Romagna Communicate
05/13/2020Europe; Ms Sereni, from Ponza the message for a strong integration between the Mediterranean shores Communicate
05/12/2020Tunisia: Sereni, interview with Under-Secretary Ennaifer on Libya, immigration, and bilateral relations Communicate
05/11/2020The Foreign Ministry continues its work to repatriate compatriots: so far 79,000 have returned, over 3,000 in the last week. Communicate
05/09/2020Di Stefano opens the National Day of Wine and Olive Oil Culture Communicate
05/09/2020COVID19- Ms Del Re to Associazione Coscioni: to defeat the virus, everyone must have access to scientific progress Communicate
05/08/2020Note by the Foreign Ministry - Minister Di Maio takes part in the informal high-level meeting of the UN Security Council Communicate
05/08/2020COVID-19: Del Re participates in Development Ministers meeting to support vulnerable countries Communicate
05/08/2020Press Release - Libya Communicate
05/07/2020Nota Farnesina – Conversation between Minister Luigi Di Maio and the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Nassif Hitti Communicate
05/07/2020Note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Memorandum of Cooperation in the health field Italy - Japan signed today between the two Ministries of Health Communicate
05/07/2020Sereni, open dialogue needed between Europe and Mediterranean countries and the Middle East Communicate

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