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06/04/2020Sereni: with Argentina fervent academic collaboration Events
06/04/2020The Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrates the Feast of the Italian Republic Events
06/02/2020Ms. Sereni speaks at the meeting of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee for the Middle East Events
06/02/2020Ms. Del Re attends the donors meeting for the Yemen crisis Events
05/29/2020Di Stefano, telephone conversation with the Vice Minister of Tajikistan Events
05/29/2020Conversation between Di Stefano and the Philippine Minister Events
05/29/2020Mr Di Stefano, conversation with Georgia Deputy Minister Events
05/29/2020Peacekeepers Day, Italy celebrates the role of women Events
05/28/2020Di Stefano opens the General Council of Assocamerestero Events
05/28/2020Di Stefano opens the Annual General Meeting of Origin Italia Events
05/28/2020Scalfarotto, interview with Secretary of State Bóka Events
05/27/2020Mr Di Stefano, interview with Uzbek Vice-Minister Asadov Events
05/26/2020Mr Scalfarotto, meeting with Central and Eastern Europe Ambassadors Events
05/21/2020Scalfarotto at ISPI seminar on coronavirus economic effects in the Balkans Events
05/21/2020Africa Day 2020 Events
05/20/2020Di Stefano: 400 million for the Integrated Promotion Fund Events
05/20/2020Italians stranded on cruise ships Events
05/20/2020Di Stefano, conversation with Deputy Prime Minister Meredov Events
05/20/2020Scalfarotto, meeting on neighbouring countries Events
05/20/2020 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the transatlantic conference calls on COVID-19 Events
05/19/2020Covid19, webinar on economy and energy by Med Dialogues Events
05/18/2020Mr Ferro (Ice), Expo Dubai an opportunity to recover after virus Events
05/15/2020Di Stefano at the webinar “Market lives, focus on France” Events
05/15/2020Scalfarotto participate in the InCE video-conference meeting Events
05/14/2020Scalfarotto at the G20 Trade Ministers Meeting Events

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