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Archivio rete diplomatica

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07/02/2019Exhibition ‘Italia Inquadra’ opens in Bahia Blanca​ Diplomatic network
07/02/2019Retrospective dedicated to Vittorio De Sica to be held in Buenos Aires ​ Diplomatic network
06/28/2019Belgium: Meeting to Coordinate Consular Services Diplomatic network
06/28/2019Belgrade: Pianist Giuseppe Albanese in concert Diplomatic network
06/27/2019Beijing: Italian music at the Baroque Music Festival Diplomatic network
06/27/2019Paraguay: Oceano, Italian emigration narrated in an opera Diplomatic network
06/21/2019Passage in Eritrea and Ethiopia displayed in Rome, Addis Ababa and Asmara Diplomatic network
06/21/2019Prague hosts the first Conference of Italian researcher Diplomatic network
06/20/2019Altagamma Day in the Netherlands, a global luxury hub Diplomatic network
06/20/2019Ottawa: performance by Oscar winner Nicola Piovani Diplomatic network
06/20/2019Poland: Roadshow to present the overseas Italian System Diplomatic network
06/20/2019Conference of Rectors of African Universities Diplomatic network
06/19/2019Korea: the Italian Cultural Institute sets up an Italy stand at the Seoul Book Fair 2019 Diplomatic network
06/19/2019'​Nave ITALIA', solidariety between the Czech Republic and Italy Diplomatic network
06/18/2019Copenaghen hosts “De André is alive, long live De Andrè!” Diplomatic network
06/18/2019Leonardo da Vinci's ideal city illustrated in Lisbon Diplomatic network
06/17/2019Dakar: The Farnesina art collection on display until 13 July Diplomatic network
06/14/2019London: Getting Closer to the 'Zero-Waste Embassy' Target Diplomatic network
06/14/2019National Antimafia Prosecutor and Police Chief Sign Memorandum in Skopje Diplomatic network
06/14/2019Meeting in Jazz: incontri talenti jazz italiano e africano Diplomatic network

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