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10/28/2011Il contributo dell’Italia al futuro del Paese nordafricano in Detail
10/22/2011Dettaglio comunicato Communicate
08/18/2011Dettaglio comunicato Communicate
08/11/2011Dettaglio comunicato Communicate
08/10/2011Dettaglio comunicato Communicate
08/05/2011Press release detail Communicate
07/06/2011SUPREME DEFENCE COUNCIL - “Crucial” role of Italy, Libya and foreign missions in Detail
06/24/2011Focus-Libya: EU, NTC essential role, Gheddafi get out in Detail
06/24/2011Focus-Libya: EU, NTC essential role, Gheddafi get out in Detail
06/22/2011Frattini on International humanitarian appeal in Detail
06/20/2011Frattini, we are working toward a political solution in Detail
05/31/2011FOCUS LIBYA: Frattini in Benghazi, memorandum of understanding with the TNC in Detail
05/31/2011Focus-Libya: Frattini in Benghazi for meetings with the TNC leader in Detail
05/27/2011FOCUS LIBYA: G8, Gaddafi has to go in Detail
05/20/2011FOCUS-LIBYA: the EU opens an office in Benghazi in Detail
05/20/2011FOCUS LIBYA: Napolitano, NATO has averted massacres in Detail
05/13/2011FOCUS LIBYA: Frattini, the ceasefire must not split the country in Detail
05/13/2011UN: “Global governance and Security Council reform’’. Italy calls for encounter and relaunches proposal in Detail
05/11/2011Focus-Libia: Humanitarian emergency - “We’re defending people who are suffering”, says Frattini in Detail
05/05/2011FOCUS-LIBYA- contact Group: Towards a political solution, says Frattini in Detail
05/05/2011Focus-Libya: Contact Group - a political solution is needed, says Frattini in Detail
05/05/2011FOCUS-LIBIA - Contact Group at the MFA in Rome - Towards a political solution, says Frattini in Detail
05/04/2011Frattini addresses the Chamber: No-one believes in a future featuring Gaddafi in Detail
04/29/2011Focus-Libia: Italy’s commitment intensifying on all fronts in Detail
04/28/2011Second Contact Group meeting on Libya - Rome, 5 May 2011 in Detail

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