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Italy’s integrated promotion

The Central Directorate for Integrated Promotion and Innovation coordinates the activities for Italy’s promotion, in close connection with the country’s different entities. It provides foreign public with insight into the wisdom, beauty, variety, originality and drive for innovation that have always characterised the various aspects of Italian lifestyle and know-how in the fields of culture, economics, science and technology.

Each integrated promotion initiative starts from a theme that is developed and expressed in its various dimensions, using different languages and tools. The result is the conception, design and production of original content for the international public to be disseminated in a variety of ways, ranging from gaming to experiential exhibitions, audio-visual products and comic strips.

The Directorate General also assists and promotes – in an integrated logic – the major international events taking place in Italy, using them as valuable opportunities for enhancing Italy.




  • Italian Design Day: annual event launched in 2017 by the DGSP, in collaboration and with the support of the Ministry of Culture, for the promotion and internationalisation of a strategic sector for Italian exports.
  • Italian Research Day in the World: annual event organized on April 15, the birth anniversary of Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci, which aims to enhance the Italian researchers’ contribution to international science and promote the dissemination of the results of their research. The first one was launched in 2018 by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry of Health.
  • Italian Cuisine Week in the World: annual event organized since 2016 by the DGSP, which is an opportunity to promote Italian food and wine excellence, the Mediterranean diet and scientific innovation in the agri-food sector, as well as to combat the phenomenon of Italian sounding.
  • National Space Day: established in 2021 to celebrate the launch of Italy’s first satellite, San Marco 1, which took off in 1964 from the US base on Wallops Island. The event aims to show how science and technology applied to space contribute to improving the human condition and how the sector provides returns in terms of economic growth, well-being, sustainable development and environmental protection.




  • “Italy. Land of Wonders”: original video game – available for iOS and Android – that presents Italy’s cultural heritage and traditions in an interactive and entertaining way.
  • “IDEAS. Italian dialogues on Excellence, Arts and Science”: original web series that recounts – through a series of documentary portraits – the entrepreneurial skills and innovations of a virtuous, dynamic and polycentric Italy.
  • Geronimo Stilton, “Mille Meraviglie. Viaggio alla scoperta dell’Italia”: special edition in which the famous character travels around Italy to make boys and girls from all over the world discover Italy’s wonders.
  • “Diva! Italian Glamour in Fashion Jewellery”: exhibition celebrating the elegance and manufacturing quality of Italian fashion jewellery.
  • “Created in ItalyThe attitude to the impossible”: exhibition that explores the Italian industry’s manufacturing ability to create high-tech products with a continuous drive for experimentation.
  • “Italian Routes. Montagne, alpinismo, cambiamenti climatici”: exhibition dedicated to the great Italian tradition of mountain culture and mountaineering, as well as environmental awareness in accessing natural habitats.
  • “Universo Olivetti. Comunità come utopia concreta”: exhibition, organized in collaboration with the MAXXI Foundation and the Adriano Olivetti Foundation, which recounts the story, thought and ethics of the great Olivetti enterprise through objects and archive materials.