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Relations with the Chambers of Commerce

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is involved in monitoring and recognizing the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCIE) and the Joint Chambers of Commerce (CCIM). To this end, it works in close contact with the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as with UnionCamere (the organization representing the Italian Chambers of Commerce) and AssoCamereEstero (the association of CCIE and UnionCamere). The Italian Foreign Ministry supports the activities of the Chambers of Commerce in view of contributing to the promotion of the Country System in the world and to the internationalisation of Italian companies.

The Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad are associations of Italian and local entrepreneurs and professionals, officially recognised by the Italian State in accordance with Law No. 518 of July 1, 1970, which operate to promote the internationalisation of Italian companies. The law sets the criteria for granting and withdrawing official recognition, for the adoption of amendments to the Statutes of the recognised Chambers of Commerce and for the granting of annual co-financing by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Joint Chambers of Commerce are regulated by Law No. 580 of December 29, 1993. Article 1 of this Law lays down that they are autonomous entities governed by public law that perform functions of general interest for the business system, within their territorial jurisdiction The Joint Chambers of Commerce have their seat in each provincial capital and their territorial jurisdiction coincides, as a rule, with that of the province or metropolitan area.

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