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15 August 2023
«Tajani: noi siamo liberali, quella mossa sugli istituti andava concordata prima Le Pen? Preferisco Macron»

Giorgia Meloni ha battuto il pugno sul tavolo. In una intervista ad alcuni quotidiani, tra cui il Corriere, non solo ha confermato quello che da Forza Italia in tanti hanno contestato — ovvero che la norma sugli extraprofitti delle banche è stata decisa e annunciata senza preventivamente avvertire i colleghi che se la sono ritrovata […]

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13 August 2023
Tajani: «La paga minima è un boomerang, meglio detassare gli stipendi» (La Stampa)

No al salario minimo, sì alla detassazione degli stipendi. Dopo l’incontro a quattr’occhi con Giorgia Meloni, il vicepremier e ministro degli Esteri Antonio Tajani smorza la polemica sul decreto banche ma promette emendamenti in Parlamento. Ammette che scrivere la Finanziaria in autunno sarà complicato, e se necessario occorrerà tagliare la spesa. Ministro Tajani, dopo lo scontro sul decreto banche, sul […]

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10 August 2023
«A law to be written well to safeguard savers. The ECB made a mistake, but it would be wrong to turn against the banks. Forza Italia will be ambitious» (il Giornale)

Antonio Tajani, Forza Italia’s leader, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, explains his opinion on the additional profit tax for banks, which «could be decided with closed markets», and on the minimum wage, to which he favours the Italian mediation proposal. He continues by discussing how he will relaunch his party, the world forecasts, […]

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8 August 2023
Marcinelle, Italian emigrants and the sacrifice honouring the country (Il Mattino)

On 8 August 1956 in Marcinelle, on the outskirts of Charleroi, a fire broke out in one of the pits of the Bois du Cazier coal mine, killing 262 miners, 136 of whom were Italians coming from Abruzzo, Friuli, Apulia, Marche, Molise, Calabria and Sicily, Lombardy and Tuscany, Veneto and Campania. After having participated many […]

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7 August 2023
“Russia and Wagner the new colonisers in Africa; the EU must now change course” (La Stampa)

The Prime Minister of Niger, currently in exile in France, appealed to Italy and the West to provide support in stopping not only the coup leaders, but above all the jihadists heading south. Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani replied that a Western military intervention was not an option at the moment and that […]

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4 August 2023
Tajani: “From Trieste to island states to manage marine resources” (Il Piccolo)

Oceans and seas play a crucial role in ecosystems, food security, combating climate change, and in providing quality food for a growing proportion of the global population. We, in Italy, know this well, with nearly 8,000 km of coastline and over 800 small islands. The effects of global warming and natural disasters are increasingly evident in […]

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3 August 2023
Tajani: “Italy should remain in the Sahel. The coup leaders escorted our convoy” (la Repubblica)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, had spent some agitated hours before giving this interview. Yesterday, at 4 in the morning, he welcomed the first repatriation flight of Italian citizens from Niger, and he is now getting prepared for today’s tense day. It is the anniversary of the Niger independence, and protests are expected […]

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27 July 2023
Tajani and Corridor VIII: “We will be a strategic hub for the entire South” (Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia)

Minister Antonio Tajani, could “Corridor VIII” be a way to facilitate Brindisi’s inclusion within the TEN-T network? What effect could today’s summit have on the ongoing negotiations within the European institutions? “Having Corridor VIII included in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) was a great success. Having it included in the list of EU assets will […]

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27 July 2023
Tajani: “The Adriatic regained its strategic importance” (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno)

The meeting with the foreign ministers of Bulgaria, Albania and North Macedonia dedicated to the “Pan-European Corridor VIII” opens today in Brindisi. Minister Antonio Tajani, why did you choose Brindisi? “Corridor VIII, which starts in Apulia and arrives on the shores of the Black Sea via Albania, North Macedonia and Bulgaria, is a great European […]

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26 July 2023
Tajani: “Italy is no longer alone on migration. National security actions will not suffice” (Avvenire)

Today marks the end of a long period that saw the Italian government involved in the preparation and management of two international conferences held in Rome over the last four days. The first was the “Conference on Development and Migration” called for by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and organised on Sunday at the Farnesina. At […]

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