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Exipiration Number Country Title
16-08-2023 UZ 21 NDICI JH 01 22 UZBEKISTAN Systematisation and simplification of the regulatory framework
29-06-2023 MK 21 IPA TR 01 23 TWL MACEDONIA Supporting the Civil Aviation Agency in the field of aviation safety and security (EuropeAid/178176/DD/ACT/MK)
15-06-2023 IL 19 ENI EY 01 23 R ISRAELE “Support to the Israeli Policy on Energy Efficiency and its approximation to EU regulations on electrical appliances” EuropeAid/178030/DD/ACT/IL
13-06-2023 BA19 IPA JH 01 23 BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Improving Service Delivery for Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina Through Strengthening the Capacity of the Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IDDEEA)
09-06-2023 BA 20 IPA FI 01 23 BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Strengthening capacities of Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH (EuropeAid/177877/DD/ACT/BA)
06-06-2023 BA 19 IPA ST 01 23 BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA EU for further development of statistics system in BiH” (EuropeAid/177878/DD/ACT/BA)
31-05-2023 MK 21 IPA JH 01 23 MACEDONIA Strengthening the institutional capacities in dealing with cultural heritage and environmental crimes (EuropeAid/ 177857 /DD/ACT/MK)
26-05-2023 PS 21 NDICI EN 01 23 R PALESTINA Environment and climate change mainstreaming in national development strategies and policies (EuropeAid/177560/DD/ACT/PS)
24-05-2023 IL 19 ENI SO 01 23 R ISRAELE Promoting Protection of Labour Rights of Foreign Workers” (EuropeAid/177694/DD/ACT/IL)
16-05-2023 TN 19 ENI SO 01 23 TUNISIA Promotion du régime de l’auto-entrepreneur (EuropeAid/177446/ID/ACT/TN)