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Terms for issuing visas

The terms for issuing a Schengen visa are listed in Article 23 of the Visa Code: 15 days that can be extended up to 45 days, in the cases provided for specifically.

The terms for issuing national entry visas are set out by Article 5, paragraph 8, of Presidential Decree No. 394 of August 31, 1999 (as amended by Presidential Decree 334/2004), which lays down that the diplomatic-consular Representation, “after assessing whether the application is admissible and carrying out the checks required in relation to the visa requested, including prior security checks, shall issue the visa within 90 days of the application” (30 days for employment, within the quotas envisaged by the so-called 2023-2025 Flows Decree, 30 days for family reunification and 120 days for self-employment). In accordance with the provisions of Article 6, paragraphs 2 and 3, of Ministerial Decree No. 171 of March 3, 1997, these terms may not be respected in the event that checks, verifications and collection of data, documents and evaluations by foreign authorities become necessary.

The counterfeiting of documents produced by foreign nationals to obtain an entry visa shall always be reported by the diplomatic-consular Representations to the Italian judicial authorities (Article 331 of the Code of Criminal Procedure). This applies both to the cases of counterfeiting of documents of Italian origin and of documents of foreign origin, used to support the visa application. (Article 5, paragraph 8-bis, of Legislative Decree 286/1998).

Should the diplomatic/consular Missions become aware of facts, situations and conditions that would have prevented the granting of an entry visa – which has been granted in the meantime – they shall issue a formal order to REVOKE the visa.