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Citizenship granted to minors as a result of parents’ naturalization

Pursuant to Article 14 of Law No.91/92, “the minor children of people who acquire or reacquire Italian citizenship, if living with them, acquire Italian citizenship, but, when coming of age, they may renounce it if they hold another citizenship.”

The acquisition of citizenship therefore takes place automatically on the sole condition of living together and provided that the person is a minor under Italian law.

For the parent who has become Italian citizen to transmit Italian citizenship to the child, three conditions shall therefore be met:

parent-child relationship; the minor age of the child; and living together with the parent.

Article 12 of Presidential Decree No. 572/93 specifies that the condition of living together shall be stable and actual, and proven by appropriate documentation; it shall also exist at the time of the parent’s acquisition or reacquisition of citizenship.