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Scadenza Numero Paese Titolo
21-10-2022 MK 20 IPA EN 02 22 MACEDONIA Further strengthening the capacities for effective implementation of the acquis in the field of industrial pollution. (EuropeAid/175411/ID/ACT/MK)
19-10-2022 MA 18 ENI OT 03 22 MAROCCO Appui au renforcement de la gouvernance et au déploiement d’initiatives innovantes en faveur de l’inclusion des jeunes au Maroc (EuropeAid/175249/ID/ACT/MA)
23-09-2022 IL 18 ENI SO 02 22 ISRAELE “Promoting protection of labour rights of foreign workers” (EuropeAid/175217/DD/ACT/IL)
13-09-2022 MN 20 IPA FI 01 22 TWL MONTENEGRO Improving the capacities of the AFCOS System bodies in the field of irregularities management (EuropeAid/174951/DD/ACT/ME)
24-08-2022 IL 18 ENI HE 01 22 TWL ISRAELE “The Art of Organoleptic Checks of Fish and Other Food of Animal Origin: Products, Guidelines, Practice and Challenges” – EuropeAid/174726/DD/ACT/IL – IL 18 ENI HE 01 22 TWL
22-08-2022 DZ 18 ENI FI 02 22 ALGERIA Improving the performance of the Directorate General of Taxation in international taxation/Amélioration de la performance de la Direction générale des impôts en matière de fiscalité internationale (EuropeAid/174720/DD/ACT/DZ)
18-08-2022 DZ 18 ENI ST 01 22 R ALGERIA Renforcement des capacités institutionnelles et professionnelles de l’Office National des Statistiques (ONS) (EuropeAid/175022/DD/ACT/DZ)
10-08-2022 MN 20 IPA SO 01 22 MONTENEGRO Strengthening capacities of the Employment Agency of Montenegro in terms of Active Labour Market Measures implementation, future participation in European Social Fund and facilitation of labour force mobility” (EuropeAid/174838/ID/ACT/ME)
05-08-2022 DZ 18 ENI HE 01 22 ALGERIA Appui au développement des capacités de l’Agence Nationale des Produits Pharmaceutiques – ANPP – ALGERIA – EuropeAid/174877/DD/ACT/DZ – Ares(2022)4273575 – Ares(2022)4276224
15-07-2022 MN 18 IPA EC 01 22 TWL MONTENEGRO Support to the Revenue and Custom Administration for ensuring efficient and effective customs controls at borders”( EuropeAid/174645/ID/ACT/ME)