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Scadenza Numero Paese Titolo
10-03-2021 MN 17 IPA EN 01 20 TWL MONTENEGRO Development of Upgraded Integrated Tool and Update of Air Emissions Inventory for the period 2011-2019 (EuropeAid/170399/ID/ACT/ME)
03-10-2019 MK 18 IPA FI 01 19 MACEDONIA Strengthening budget planning, execution and internal control functions (EuropeAid/ 165765/DD/ACT/MK)
26-09-2019 MK 18 IPA FI 02 19 MACEDONIA Improving Revenue Collection and Tax and Customs Policy (EuropeAid/ 165552/DD/ACT/MK)
10-09-2019 SR 16 IPA JH 03 19 SERBIA “Support to preparation for participation in EUROSUR network and EURODAC system” (EuropeAid/165381/DD/ACT/RS)
18-07-2019 BA 16 IPA FI 01 19 TWL BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Support to development of an effective internal control and audit environment in the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH (EuropeAid/164-550/DD/ACT/BA)
02-07-2019 AM 17 ENI OT 01 19 ARMENIA ”Enhancing Civil Protection in Armenia” – Publication notice reference: EuropeAid/2019/164523/ACT/AM
20-06-2019 AL 16 IPA TR 01 19 ALBANIA Strengthening the capacity of the Albanian Road Authority in applying good governance practices for planning, managing, procuring, implementing and maintaining Road investments.
07-05-2019 SR 16 IPA JH 02 18 SERBIA Support to strengthening migration management and asylum system in Serbia (EuropeAid/163489/DD/ACT/RS)
19-04-2019 KOSOVO Further strengthening of Kosovo National Audit Office impact (EuropeAid/163152/DD/ACT/XK)
03-04-2019 MK 15 IPA FI 01 19 MACEDONIA Strengthening the institutional capacity of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia (NBRM) in the process of its accession to the ESCB (EuropeAid/ 162811/DD/ACT/MK)