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Scadenza Numero Paese Titolo
22-03-2019 TR 16 IPA JH 05 19 TURCHIA Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Personnel Training Centres of the Penal Institutions (EuropeAid/162580/ID/ACT/TR)
12-03-2019 MK 16 IPA JH 03 19 MACEDONIA Strengthening the prevention/counter violent extremism and counterterrorism coordination capacities (EuropeAid/ 162232/DD/ACT/MK)
08-02-2019 TR 15 IPA JH 10 19 TURCHIA Improvement of the Efficiency of Pre-service Trainings for Candidate Judges and Prosecutors (EuropeAid/162288/ID/ACT/TR)
08-02-2019 SR 16 IPA JH 01 18 SERBIA Support to the preparation for the establishment of the “Supplementary Information Request at the National Entries” (SIRENE) Bureau in Serbia (EuropeAid/161832/DD/ACT/RS)
25-01-2019 MK 16 IPA JH 02 18 MACEDONIA Building of the institutional capacity of the Investigative Centre (EuropeAid/ 161-752/DD/ACT/MK)
31-12-2018 MK 15 IPA HE 01 18 TWL MACEDONIA Harmonisation of the legislation for medicinal products with EU legislation and building capacities for its implementation
18-12-2018 BA 16 IPA JH 01 18 BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Empowerment and further support to the Parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina in EU integration tasks (reference: EuropeAid/161504/DD/ACT/BA)
15-11-2018 TR 16 IPA AG 01 18 R TURCHIA Capacity Building for Fishery Producer Organisations and Provincial Agricultural Directorates in line with CMO (EuropeAid/161284/ID/ACT/TR)
12-11-2018 TR 16 IPA JH 03 18 TURCHIA Forensic Trainings Towards Advanced Examination Methods (reference code EuropeAid/161309/ID/ACT/TR)
26-10-2018 SR 14 IPA SO 01 18 SERBIA Support and improvement of occupational safety and health and labour inspection in the Republic of Serbia (Publication Reference: EuropeAid/161152/DH/ACT/RS)