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EGITTO – Avviso per la raccolta di progetti congiunti nell’ambito del Programma di Cooperazione Scientifica e Tecnologica Italia-Egitto 2019-2021

Il Ministero della Ricerca Scientifica dell’Egitto e la Direzione Generale per la promozione del Sistema Paese, Ufficio IX del MAECI, invitano a presentare proposte di progetti bilaterali di ricerca scientifico-tecnologica e di mobilità di ricercatori nei seguenti settori:

1. Science and Technologies applied to Cultural and Natural Heritage (Advances in non-destructive testing and investigations; Indoor environmental monitoring; 3D survey; exploitation and valorization; Innovative conservation and restoration techniques; Geophysical investigations; Interdisciplinary approaches; Disaster prevention).

2. Energy from renewable resources (New trends in renewable energy; Advances in energy storage systems; Biofuel/biogas production; Energy efficiency in production and in end uses – industrial, civil and residential, transportation).

3. Smart Cities & Smart Mediterranean (Waste management and biofuel production; Blue economy; Sustainable mobility; Urban revitalization, de-urbanization and smart future villages).

4. Affordable & Inclusive Healthcare (Telemedicine; Cancer; Translational medicine; Chronic diseases; Geriatric medicine).

5. Drinking and Waste Water management (Sanitation technology; Advances in desalination technology; Saltwater intrusion into freshwater aquifers: monitoring and mitigation).

6. Sustainable agriculture and food production (Climatic and extra climatic factors affecting livestock, aqua fisheries and sustainable crop production; innovative solutions for combatting emerging infectious livestock diseases; advanced trends to improve livestock productivity; innovation to reduce loss of soil fertility, desertification, soil erosion and salization).

7. Basic Sciences (Aquaculture; Biochemistry; Biology; Chemistry; Geology; Mathematics; Microbiology; Mineral Resources; Oceanography; Physics).

8. Material sciences and nanotechnologies.

9. Space and related applications (Ground and infrastructure deformation monitoring; Radar interferometry; Climate change; Land, marine and atmospheric monitoring).