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Governo Italiano

Itinerant Exhibitions


Itinerant Exhibitions

On 4 May 2007 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a highly prestigious project for the appreciation of Italian contemporary art: a 2-year itinerant exhibition stopping in many countries of the world.
Journey through Italian Art 1950/1980

“Journey through Italian Art 1950/1980 – 100 works from the Farnesina Collection” is the title of an initiative by the Foreign Ministry’s Directorate General for Cultural Promotion and Cooperation that is the perfect complement to the ministry’s already existing contemporary art collection, curated by Professors Maurizio Calvesi and Lorenzo Canova, and open on to the public a regular schedule since the “2006 Notte Bianca” within the context of the bi-monthly “Open Doors at the Foreign Ministry” event.

The foreign ministry’s strategies for cultural promotion

This itinerant exhibition falls within the Foreign Ministry’s strategy for simple and effective cultural promotion, by means of an exhibition of extremely high artistic value at a relatively contained costs capable of introducing the world to the contemporary Italian “art scene” and its artistic, historic, and cultural values Indeed, the Foreign Ministry’s Collection does not aim to represent one single movement or style but to recount the most salient moments in 20th century Italian artistic production.

Works on loan

The formula adopted for administering this patrimony is the same as that applied to the “mother” collection and involves the loan of works to the Ministry by the artists themselves and their heirs, museums, foundations and collectors.
The works thus collected represent a range of expressive contemporary artistic languages: paintings, sculpture, installations and videos, and are reproduced in catalogues printed in both Italian and English, that include biographies of the artists, critical essays by the curators, introductory texts by Minister D’Alema, the Secretary General and Director General La Francesca, as well as by representatives of the three sponsors.
The catalogue (5000 copies printed) has been distributed in Italy (artists, donors, collectors, institutional representatives) and, to the various exhibition venues abroad.

The exhibition is sponsored by REGIONE LAZIO, UNICREDIT and ENEL.

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