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Governo Italiano

Amintore Fanfani


Amintore Fanfani
  • He was born at Pieve Santo Stefano (AR) on 6 February 1908, and died in Rome on 20 November 1999.
  • He graduated in Economics and from 1936 worked as a university lecturer.
  • He is one of the historic founding fathers of the Christian Democrat Party: he began his political activities at the DC Propaganda and Press Service and subsequently became its Director. In 1946 he was made Party leader and elected Deputy of the Constituent Assembly. From 1948 to 1968 he was elected continuously to sit in the Chamber of Deputies, before deciding to stand for the Senate.
  • He entered government in 1947 as Minister for Labour and Social Security in the 4th and 5th De Gasperi Governments. In 1951 he was appointed Minister for Agriculture and Forests in the 7th De Gasperi Government, and Minister for Home Affairs in the 8th De Gasperi Government, a post he retained under the Pella Government.
  • It was in 1954 that his political ascendancy began: on 18 January 1954 he became Prime Minister and in July was elected the Political Secretary of the DC Party, being confirmed in the post in 1956.
  • On 1 July 1958 he formed his 2nd Government and became Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, remaining in office until 26 January 1959. He was appointed Prime Minister again on 26 July 1960. From 21 February 1962 to 16 May 1963 he headed his 4th Government.
  • From 5 March to 30 December 1965 under the 2nd Moro Government he was Minister of Foreign Affairs, remaining in the post under the 3rd Moro Government.
  • In September 1965 he was appointed as President of the UN General Assembly.
  • He was elected to the Speakership of the Senate in June 1968, re-elected in 1972 and resigned on 17 June 1973 to become the Political Secretary of the DC Party.
    On 10 March 1972 President Leone appointed him Senator for life for having honoured Italy with his outstanding merits in the scientific and social fields
  • In 1976 he was once again elected as Speaker of the Senate, which was reconfirmed in 1979. He resigned in 1982 to form his 5th Government, which lasted until 29 April 1983.
  • He was re-elected as Speaker of the Senate in 1985 and on 17 April 1987 he formed his 6th Government, which failed to win the vote of confidence.
  • He held his last ministerial posts in Home Affairs and Budget and Economic Planning in the Governments of Goria and De Mita, respectively.


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