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Governo Italiano

Antonio Segni


Antonio Segni
  • He was born at Sassari on 2 February 1891, and died on 1 December 1972.
  • He graduated in Law, and was a university lecturer.
  • His background was in Catholic Action, and from its foundation he was an active member of Don Sturzo's People's Party.
  • With the rise to power of the Fascist government he withdrew from political activity, which he resumed in 1943 organising the Christian Democrat Party in Sardinia.
  • He was Under-Secretary of Agriculture and Forests in the 2nd Bonomi Government, the Parri Government and the 1st De Gasperi Government, and was appointed Minister for Agriculture and Forests in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th De Gasperi Governments.
  • From December 1950 to January 1951 he was the Acting Minister for Justice, due to the sickness of Minister Piccioni.
  • In 1951 he became Minister for Education with the 7th De Gasperi Government and the Pella Government.
  • From July 1955 to May 1957 he served as Prime Minister. It was this Government that signed the Treaties instituting the European Economic Community on 25 March 1957.
  • In the 2nd Fanfani Government he was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence.
  • From February 1959 to February 1960 he was Prime Minister and Minster for the Interior.
  • Tambroni appointed him as his Minister for Foreign Affairs in 1960, the year Italy ratified the independence of Somalia.
  • He remained Foreign Minister in the 3rd and 4th Fanfani Governments until 6 May 1962 when he was elected President of the Republic, from which he had to resign on 6 December 1964 for reasons of health.


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