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Governo Italiano

Arnaldo Forlani


Arnaldo Forlani
  • He was born at Pesaro on 8 December 1925.
  • He graduated in Law.
  • His political career began in 1948 when he became the Provincial Secretary of the Christian Democrat Party in Pesaro, and subsequently served as Provincial and Municipal Councillor of Pesaro.
  • In 1954 he entered the DC Party Central Office. He was the Political Secretary from November 1969 to June 1973 and from February 1989 to October 1992. In 1980 he was elected President of the National Council.
  • Under the 1st Rumor Government he became Minister for State-Owned Enterprises; in the 2nd Rumor Government he was Minister for Relations with the United Nations, from which he resigned on 11 November 1969 on being elected as Political Secretary of the DC Party.
  • He was Minister for Defence in the 4th and 5th Moro Governments. In 1976, in the 3rd Andreotti Government he was appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs in which capacity he visited Portugal in July 1977 to express Italy's support to Portugal for accession to the EEC. a.
  • He remained Foreign Minister during the 4th and 5th Andreotti Governments.
  • From 18 October 1980 to 26 May 1981 he served as Prime Minister; in the two Governments under the Prime Ministership of Craxi he was Deputy Prime Minister.


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