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Governo Italiano

Attilio Piccioni


Attilio Piccioni
  • He was born at Poggio Bustone on 14 July 1892 and died on 10 March 1976.
  • He graduated in Law and was a practising lawyer.
  • He began his political work in 1920 in Don Sturzo's People's Party and subsequently became a member of the National Council and Secretary of the Turin Section.
  • With the rise to power of Fascism, he withdrew from political life, and resumed it after 25 July 1943.
  • In June 1945 he was appointed Political Secretary of the Christian Democrat Party and in September 1946 succeeded De Gasperi as Political Secretary, in which capacity he led the Party to the election victory on 18 April 1948.
  • He became a member of the government as Deputy Prime Minister in the 5th De Gasperi Government. He later served as Minister of Justice in the 6th De Gasperi Government, and Deputy Prime Minister in the 7th and 8th De Gasperi Governments.
  • He was Minister of Foreign Affairs in the 1st Fanfani Government and the Scelba Government, resigning on 19 September 1954.
  • He returned to government as Deputy Prime Minister in the 3rd and 4th Fanfani Governments. In the 4th Fanfani Government he was also Minister of Foreign Affairs from 29 May 1962, replacing Antonio Segni who had meanwhile been elected President of the Republic. It was in this capacity that, on 7 September 1962, he signed the Space Science Cooperation Agreement(“the San Marco Programme”)with United States Vice-President Johnson.
  • In 1963 he was confirmed in office as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the 1st Leone Government
  • In the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Moro Governments he was a Minister without Portfolio


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