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Governo Italiano

Francesco Cossiga


Francesco Cossiga
  • He was born in Sassari on 26 July 1928.
  • He graduated in Law. He has two children.
  • He joined the Christian Democrats in 1945.
  • He taught Constitutional Law and Regional Constitutional Law at the University of Sassari.
  • He was elected to Parliament in 1958, 1963, 1968, 1972, 1976 and 1979. He was elected Senator of the Republic in 1983.
  • He was appointed as Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence in 1966 (3rd Moro Government), in 1968 (2nd Leone Government and 1st Rumor Government) and in 1969 (2nd Rumor Government).
  • He was appointed Minister without portfolio in 1974 (4th Moro Government).
  • He was appointed Minister of the Interior in 1976 (5th Moro Government and 3rd Andreotti Government) and in 1978 (4th Andreotti Government). He resigned after the Hon. Moro was killed (9 May 1978).
  • He was Prime Minister from 4 August 1979 to 3 April 1980 and from 4 April 1980 to 17 October 1980.
  • He was elected President of the Senate of the Republic on 12 July 1983.
  • He was elected President of the Republic on 24 June 1985 (at the first ballot, with 752 votes out of 977).
  • Following the resignation of the President of the Republic, Sandro Pertini, he was acting President from 29 June to 3 July 1985.
  • He was sworn in as President on 3 July 1985.
  • He tendered his resignation on 28 April 1992.
  • He was appointed Senator for Life as Emeritus President of the Republic.

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