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Governo Italiano

Gaetano Martino


Gaetano Martino
  • He was born in Messina on 25 November 1900, and died on 21 July 1967.
  • He graduated in Medicine, was a professor and the Rector of Messina University.
  • He was one of the architects of Europe's "revival" in the mid-Fifties. At that time, Martino was Minister of Foreign Affairs and the promoter of the Conference of Foreign Ministers of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) held in Messina on 1-3 June 1955.
  • “We are all anxious to increasingly extend our integration .... I trust that at this Conference we shall add yet another foundation stone to the construction of Europe”, he said in his opening address to the Conference, sending out a powerful signal to resume the path of integration, beginning with economic integration.
  • Less than two years later, the Treaties of Rome were signed and Minister Martino led the Italian Delegation for the drafting and the signing of the Treaties of Rome.
  • He was Minister of Education in the Scelba Government, and following a government reshuffle in September 1954 he became Minister of Foreign Affairs, where he stayed in the 1st Segni Government until 1957. In this capacity, on 21 November 1956 he addressed the United Nations General Assembly, one year after Italy's accession to the United Nations. It was the first time an Italian Minister had addressed the General Assembly.
  • Martino was also one of the three "Wise Men" of NATO, who drafted the report on the duties of the Atlantic Alliance in the civilian sphere.
  • He left the Foreign Ministry in 1957, and in 1960 and 1961 he led the Italian Parliamentary Delegation to the 15th and 16th United Nations General Assemblies in New York. From 1962 to 1964 he was President of the European Parliament.


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