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Governo Italiano

Giuseppe Medici


Giuseppe Medici
  • He was born at Sassuolo on 24 October 1907 and died on 21 August 2000.
  • He graduated in Agriculture, and was a university lecturer. He was President of the National Institute of Agricultural Economics, the Ente Maremma e Fucino, and the National Academy of Agriculture.
  • From 1954 to 1955 he was Minister for Agriculture and Forests in the 1st Fanfani Government and the Scelba Government.
  • In February 1956 he was appointed Minister for the Budget in the 2nd Fanfani Government, Minister for Education in the 2nd Segni Government and in the Tambroni Government, Minister for the Reform of the Civil Service in the 4th Fanfani Government, Minister for the Budget in the 1st Leone Government, and Minister for Industry and Trade in the 1st and 2nd Moro Governments until 5 March 1965.
  • In 1968 he was Minister for Foreign Affairs in the 2nd Leone Government.
  • When Andreotti became Prime Minister for the second time he appointed him Foreign Minister in 1972, at the time the Government granted the United States the use of the island of Maddalena as the base for its nuclear submarines.


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